Learning Lounge 2.0

Be inspired and inspire others across our industry in a brand new way. We’re showcasing kinetic, visual and auditory experiences, while providing a dynamic forum to engage, network and collaborate with your peers and a spectrum of thought leaders.

From deep dive whiteboard sessions to visual crowdsourcing, you will be able to listen, share and learn about the innovationsand challenges transforming our industry.

This hands-on learning approach features four different innovative environments to provide you with actionable takeaways so you can create your own learning [R]evolution at your next meeting.

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The Playroom

Where sharing, collaborating and innovation come together.

  • Share showcases the latest insights from best practices to problem solving. - get hands-on with shared visuals, examples and creative illustrations - learn from peers or perhaps teach them a few things.
  • Show + Tell is an interactive visual exploration of key industry trends and creativity at its best, from use of space to innovative branding opportunities, audience engagement breakthroughs and more. 
  • Have You Tried features moderated roundtable sessions from 365 engagements to going green, tackle the hottest topics head on with these dynamic brainstorming sessions. 

Illuminations Zone

Center stage for interactive presentations, celebrating success and social networking.

  • From the Illumination Stage you’ll hear more from our keynote speakers, get a recap of hot topics each day, hear from leading experts in panel presentations, and learn first-hand how the Achievement Award winners attained success.
  • The Illumination Lounge is for mixing, mingling and continuing the conversation following each hot topics of the day presentation.

Connections Corner

Connects you to in-depth conversations with thought leaders and all things social media.
  • Connections Café - meet one-on-one with experts and service providers or meet up with networks based on your interests or focus.
  • Meet the Experts - connect with experts and speakers to continue the session conversation or pick up a best practice
  • Social Media Hub connects you with complete Convening Leaders conversation here in Boston and with those following the conversation remotely.
The PCMA Learning Lounge 2.0 -powered by FREEMAN. 

Global Nation

Global professionals will be able to “lean-in” our giant free standing globe and accompanying kiosks to learn more about how to best do business with select international destinations. Global Nation will be the gathering point for Global Professionals to sit, connect and lean-in with fellow planners and suppliers.

PCMA Hackathon

The first ever PCMA Hackathon arranged by FreemanXP and sponsored by QuickMobile brings together 25 IT students and web developers from the Boston area. Participants will be placed into teams and challenged to create the next big mobile idea that can revolutionize connectivity.

The winner receives $3,500, and second place receives $1,000. The third-place team goes home with $500. Convening Leaders attendees are welcome to see the kickoff on Monday at 1 PM in the Learning Lounge 2.0. Then get a look at the best ideas during an awards ceremony in the Learning Lounge 2.0 on Wednesday, January 15 at 11 AM.

Have ideas about bringing people together that you'd like to see in your next mobile event app? In the "submit" box, description at the bottom of the page, please include the words "Hackathon Ideas.” Ideas are welcome for consideration until Monday, January 13 at 11:00am.